Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many parts are there in your chorus?

A: While we have many members, we only sing in 4 parts.  They are

  • Tenor - a high voiced part similar to the alto in SATB music.
  • Lead - usually sings the melody of the song. 
  • Baritone - the hardest part. Sings all the notes nobody else wants.
  • Bass - the lowest part. For all those really low voiced men.

Q: Do you sing with the music?

A: No - we require every member to be abel to learn music so that we can perform without holding music in our hands.

Q: Is it true that you dance when you sing?

A: We include choreography as part of our performances, but only the front row will ever really "dance"

Q: What sort of support is there for me to learn my music? 

A: We provide the sheet music, leanring tracks (that you can play in your MP3 or CD player) to learn the songs with.  We also have singing lessons and section rehearsals to guide you through your singing development.

Q: Do you sing in quartets?

A: A number of our members sing in quartets. We offer opportunities to sing in quartets almost every week for those that want to have a go. It's a really fun part of this hobby.

Q: How is the chorus organised and managed?

A: Every member of our chapter has a job, from Music Librarian to managing weekly rehearsals to publicity to uniform management.  If you join, we'd love for you to be able to contribute in someway to keep the chorus running - after all, many hands make light work!

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